Five Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

There are five ways to renovate your bathroom which range from £150 to over £20,000! It’s important to think through which bathroom budget you should work Baderom oppussing towards, remodeling your bathroom can add value to your home, but if you over spend, you won’t get your money back when you sell!

Always consider three things that will determine the right way to remodel your bathroom:

1. How much money you have to spend
2. Your property’s value
3. Who the renovation is for, your home or a tenant

Ideally you will need the following amount of money for different bathroom renovations:-

Low budget:  £150
Tight budget:  £1,000
Average budget:  £4,000
Premium budget:  £10,000
Super premium budget:  £20,000+

Bear in mind how much your property is worth and think through whether updating or adding a new bathroom or ensuite will add value. A new ensuite costing £4,000 may add more value to a £150,000 property, but probably not much if your property is worth less than that.

And, is the bathroom update for you or are you a landlord updating it for a tenant? If you are buying a bathroom for a buy to let property, then you want to put one in that is easy to maintain should anything go wrong. For example, put in a shower with all the working parts on the outside, so if something goes wrong you don’t have to re-tile.

Work out which budget is right for your circumstances and then read about different ways to remodel your bathroom, whether you are on a budget or not – Low Budget; Tight Budget; Average Budget; Premium Budget; Super Premium Budget.

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