Inkjet Printer Utilities

For those looking for low to mid volume crisp colour printing, laser printers are the best choice. They also fit into nominal budgets and are also available in a range of sizes and portable ones too.

The resolution of a printer is measured in dpi (dots per inch – both horizontally and vertically) It is crucial because this is what determine the overall print quality. Dpi is usually 600 x 600 and the higher end ones are 4800 x 1200. Equally important is the speed, which varies from 8 – 20ppm (pages per minute) for monochrome and 2 – 12ppm for colour prints. Most inkjets can handle A4 as a norm, whereas some are designed to handle A2 (poster size) and transparencies too. Photo printers are the new kind that enables exact reproduction of the multitude of colours in photos. There are printers with built-in memory card readers

Lexmark, Epson, Samsung, Canon, HP are some major names selling quality inkjets. Maintenance cost of these printers mainly involves cartridge replacement or refill. Some printers come with 3 to 4 cartridges in built, which mean slower replacement of cartridges. The inkjet printers are the most essential component used for printing purpose. Advantages in the inkjet printers are high when compared with the normal printers, whereas the printing quality and the resolution in it are also high.

When compared with the laser printers, the quality of printing in the inkjet printers varies in terms of accuracy and resolution. Generally in the inkjet printers 4 types of colours are formed. When it is taken in terms of cost, they are not much expensive when compared with the other types of printers. Though there are various types of printers available in the market, the latest inkjet printers are still preferred by the people who generally thermal inkjet printing look out for high-quality printing with best resolution. The inkjet printers fall in the category of non-impact printers.

The use of the inkjet printers are high in all terms where they are used for multiple purpose giving the best output. One of the advantages of the inkjet printers are these are said to be light weight and maintenance of the device is also good. Most of the inkjet printers come with removable cartridge and if the colour gets down they can be easily refilled, whereas these provisions are not available in various other cartridges. These inkjet printers work at a lower rate. In the printers, the print head plays a major role in printing. The dye sublimation and thermal wax are the recent technologies used in all types of printers.

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